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Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
in the presidency? increasing concentration of power. there's the catastrophe in japan. in the united states, they immediately want to say what's the president doing? what's he saying? what's the policy? what's the action. thirty years august, that would be a question, but it would not be a central question. presidents have the -- amazing what they can do. obama has more power than bush had, for instance. >> yet, i believe it's your view we know less about our presidents, less about the inner workings of the white house. why is that? is that our fault? >> well, it is, in part, our fault, and the managers in the white house get better and better and more skillful, and that it's a bearier -- barrier often, and god knows how much time i spent breaking down, breaking that log jam ?t white house saying i'm doing this book, i've got stories, i got memos. i got these notes to answer questions. it's not something where they are standing there on pennsylvania avenue saying to the reporters, come on, we're dying to have you hold us accountable for what we are doing. >> now, you do manage to break peop
Dec 7, 2012 8:00pm EST
of the war against japan at the marshall islands. the current uss enterprise was also on the way home on 11th september, 2001. just over three weeks later, she would launch the first strikes against al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. now imagine yourself aboard uss enterprise on the night of those first strikes. here's part of what her captain told the crew. aboard imper enterprise. good evening. the last time america actually went to war to defend against an attack on the homeland was almost exactly sixty years ago. when treacherous enemy conducted a surprise attack on pearl harbor. during that attack, a different enterprise was at sea on the way home and was ultimately in a response to that difficult and bloody task of soundly defeating an enemy. and ever since then when america has gone war it's been to protect freedom, and our vital interest in those of our allies. we are have not had to defend our homelands since december 7, 18941. however on september 11 the our enterprise was at sea on the way home during a treacherous new attack on our country. and tonight the ship named enterpr
Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
for the invasion of japan without considering the atomic bomb. it was estimated that the land would cost 250,000 youngsters to be killed and 500,000 of them maimed for life. >> a gran in the middle of this, i have to hop nor both, both the sacrifice and sacrifice of the american servicemen fighting their way through the pacific and of the little girl like sadoko who died as a result of the atomic boxing. it's unimagine l -- unimaginable what that must have been like, to be close to the center, where the fire ball originated and the blast. >> follow cliffton truman daniel on the journey on c-span's 3's, the president's eldest grand son to talk about the inspiration for his trip at 9 p.m. eastern. >> u.s. intelligence officials said wednesday that the syria military head loaded the precursor chemicals for a deadly nerve gas into bombs, and, thursday, a bipartisan group of senators expressed support for the obama administration's regime over the use of bilogical weapons. senators spoke to reporters for 20 minutes. >> good afternoon, i'm here with my colleagues from the senate, senator lieberman
Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
survival with anyone in japan about the history. i think we're past that. my whole purpose for being here is to listen, to honor the dead, to listen to the living and to see -- to do what i can to see this doesn't happen again. >> clifton truman daniel will join us sunday at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> now, a discussion of how the military and national security might be affected by spending cuts scheduled to take effect the first of the year. part of the so-called fiscal cliff. former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen, was joined by the chairmen of the senate house armed services committee. this is a little less than an hour. >> good afternoon. thank you for coming. my name is. peter:rerson -- peterson. i want to give you, first, a review of our foundation and why we are supporting the project you're going to hear about today. starting about 30 years ago after studying the profound demographic trends and the vast and unfunded promises that we had made, i decided that our projected long-term -- and i emphasize long-term debts -- were not only unsustainable, but a
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm EST
a few cages in japan. there will still be a lot of pieces missing. how does that matter to the united states? >> it very much matters. on issues like economic reform opening up the economy, moving away from an export driven economy to a more consumption and domestic-based economy, it is important for us and important for the world economy and also important for china. we don't have a very good idea of the policies of xi jinping. he could be that future president, he might be the new head of the communist party and head of the military right now. but he has to develop a consensus among the other members of the group of seven. he may be the leader of the group of seven, but he has to get their support. yes to develop the coalition. it may take me a while to consolidate his alliances and figure out where he can move and at what pace. to meet the comfort level of the other members of the group of seven. the expanding committee. so we really won't know exactly how fast and how far we will move. and in one area he will emphasize. >> coming together, you wrote about it and described asia at
Dec 21, 2012 8:00pm EST
is that a person gets anywhere between 13 to 17 years worth of education in japan, but the chance of them being able to retain a job. anytime you're ready to recommend there is no hurrying people unrealistically wasted the majority of life. is it fair? however, we have some people have schemes in place at the youth achievement award and inspiring the future already in place. a help young people develop leadership, teamwork and dedication skills, which are all highly for employers. it's her birthday to you at the annual campaign to self initiate initiatory dissolution? is it fair to be the focus on young people that affects all ages? is not the right time to be the campaign antiwar potential effect of campaign in the near future. that is for you to decide. [applause] >> jade, thank you indeed in thank you 12 contributors to that excellent debate. the time has come for us to move on to the theater for debate in the last double take days before break for lunch. the youth parliament will consider the third motion of the day relating to marriage for all as printed on the order paper. to the promotio
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6